What To Expect
What does the colon hydrotherapy session involve?
A session is a comfortable and often relaxing experience for many people.  The room is immaculate, cozy and quiet with an adjoining bathroom. 

Each hydrotherapy session lasts approx. 40 min.  You should allow a total of 1 ½ hours for your first visit and 1 hour for follow-up visits. Your colon hydrotherapist will discuss your symptoms (if any) and review your history. The procedure will be explained in full detail allowing ample time for questions. 

During the session, you will be lying face up on a massage table with a drape across your lower body. You will then be assisted with the self-insertion of a small, plastic speculum.  All materials are disposable and for one time use only. Clear tubing attaches the speculum to the hydrotherapy device.  A gentle instillation of warm, clean, triple purified water circulates in the rectum. When the temperature is just right and you are ready to proceed, slow “fills” are given. Time to “soak” is allowed in between the fills.  This assists in the vital importance of re-hydrating and re-toning your colon.  Again, on cue from you, another   “fill” will take place.  This pattern will continue until you are ready to “release”.  At this time, the instillation of water stops and the flow of accumulated waste (feces, mucous, bacteria, parasites..) begins.  The waste is excreted via the attached plastic tubing and passes through the device on the wall and directly into the plumbing system.  This is a self-contained system.  There is NO ODOR, NO MESS and NO EMBARRASMENT.  Remember, our main goals during this session are your safety, comfort and well-being. This process of “fill” and “release” is continued throughout the remainder of the session. 

How many sessions will I need?
That depends on you, your symptoms and goals.  For example, someone that has chronic  constipation (less than 1 bowel movement per day) may need several treatments a few days in a row with a regimen of follow up sessions to retrain the bowel as opposed to someone who is looking for preventative measures or just for an enhanced sense of well-being.  Your appointment schedule is best determined during your first session while going over your history.  As an average rule of thumb, anyone looking for general detoxification would need a total of 5 to 8 sessions over a 3 to 4 week period. Those choosing to do a deeper, more complete cleanse may opt for 10 to 15 sessions over 4 to 8 weeks.  Once your initial series is completed, maintenance can begin.  Maintenance sessions are recommended at 1 visit per month. Maintenance is necessary in order to continue all of the great benefits you have already given to your body with an initial series.  Monthly cleanses help to keep toxic load at a minimum while continuing to decrease the burden on your other eliminative organs (i.e. liver, kidneys etc...). 

Keep in mind that even though one hydrotherapy session may be equivalent to several bowel movements, elimination during subsequent sessions can be even more substantial as older, hardened, impacted feces are dislodged from the colon walls.

There is no commitment necessary. We are here to assist you any way that we can.

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