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Classic Wellcare Combination Packages

From deep, intensive cleansing to relaxing nourishment or a refreshing re-boot, your Inner Spa Wellcare choices are varied and extensive. For the ultimate benefit, a well-chosen combination of services and take-home maintenance products are bundled for optimal results and value.

Browse our popular packages below, then schedule a consultation to see how best to kick-start your wellness program, maintain your overall health or manage specific issues. And, as always, your optimal well-being is our goal.

Day of Detox

Imagine a day dedicated to detoxifying your entire body with our natural renewal experience.  Step into your day with services to cleanse the skin, the lymphatic system, the cellular level, and the colon.  Designed to kick-start your body’s natural cleansing processes, this four-hour package is a must for any wellcare program.

Package includes:  one each Detox Mud Bath, Lymphatic Massage, Aqua Detox Foot Spa, and Colon Hydrotherapy Session as well as an organic green drink, healthy snack and a complimentary gift for your at-home care.

Package price – $265*

*all services provided on the same day

Day of Pampering

Do you dream of having time for yourself?  Now you can make the dream reality as you relax and enjoy a series of therapeutic services designed to pamper as well as nurture.  This total relaxation experience will leave your mind, body and spirit rejuvenated.  It’s two and half hours of nourishment and relaxation designed just for you.

Package includes:  one each Mineral Salt Chromatherapy Bath, Organic Body Polish and Foot Reflexology.

Package price – $225*

Body Cleansing

Body cleansing is all about assisting the body’s natural detoxification processes and nourishing the mind/body/spirit connection.  Our body cleansing programs provide a therapeutic framework complete with resources and tools designed to help you address the toxic overload in the body and move you on your path to more wholistic wellcare.  Each body cleanse program includes specific services designed to support and enhance the body’s natural cleansing processes.  Provided by our trained, professional therapists who specialize in body detoxification, each program of services is gentle, easy-to-follow and realistic in order to work with your lifestyle and goals.

We offer a variety of program options to match your individual cleansing goals, complete with tools and resources you need to succeed.  Inner Spa body cleanse programs are complementary to other holistic and integrative wellcare programs; we will happily work with your healthcare practitioner as necessary.  Schedule your complimentary consultation today to discover the cleanse program that’s right for you!

Fresh Start 7-day Body Cleanse

A great way to kick-start your body cleansing with six services in seven days.  It’s a combination of services selected to give your body a fresh start.  Good for those with any level of cleansing experience.

Program includes: three (3) Colon Hydrotherapy sessions; two (2) Ion Foot Spas; one (1) Far Infrared Sauna session; supplements; a dry skin brush; personal guidance and encouragement; and other resources to help you succeed.**

Package Price – $395

Time to Renew 14-day Body Cleanse

A moderate cleanse with ten services in 14 days.  It’s a concentrated way to cleanse for renewal, rebalance and inner vitality.  Great for those experienced in cleansing protocols.

Program includes:  five (5) Colon Hydrotherapy sessions; two (2) Ion Foot Spas; two (2) Far Infrared Sauna sessions; one (1) Contour Body Wrap; supplements; a dry skin brush; personal guidance and encouragement; and other resources to help you succeed.**

Package Price – $695

New You 21-day Body Cleanse

A more intense cleanse with sixteen services in 21 days.  It’s the ultimate way to begin a path to lifestyle cleansing.  Great for those committed to making cleansing part of their wellness lifestyle.

Program includes:  six (6) Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions; three (3) Ion Foot Spas; three (3) Far Infrared Sauna sessions; two (2) Detox Mud Baths; one (1) Contour Body Wrap; one (1) Lymphatic Massage; supplements; a dry skin brush; personal guidance and encouragement; and other resources to help you succeed.** 

Package Price – $995

**Receive a $20 bonus certificate toward a Lymphatic Massage, Organic Facial or Contour Body Wrap at the completion of a 7, 14 or 21-day Body Cleanse Program; to be used within 30 days of issue.

Customized Wellcare Plans

Guiding you through your wellcare journey may require a plan designed specifically for your needs. At Inner Spa, we have the ability to customize a variety of services into a wellcare program that meets your needs and health goals. Wellcare plans require a consultation and evaluation with one of our chiropractors and our certified wellness and self-care practitioner, and typically span 30 to 60 days or longer. Pricing is specific to your plan and will include a combination of services and supplements accordingly. Ask for more information and schedule your consultation today!

Inner Spa Wellcare Services

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  They are not meant to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any condition, and are for informational purposes only.  Always consult your healthcare provider. 

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