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Creating health, beauty and wellness from the inside out

At Inner Spa, we provide a complete array of holistic services that promote health and wellness. The goal is to aid in detoxification, rejuvenate your inner being and nourish the soul while you relax in a comfortable, soothing setting. Click here for a full list our our holistic services.
Let a loved one relax this holiday season while enjoying a massage, facial, acupuncture, colonic, reflexology, or mud bath session at Inner Spa, Bucks County's most credible holistic detoxificaton retreat!

Body Detoxification through Colon Hydrotherapy

Physical ailments do not happen overnight. Daily stress, food intolerances, allergies,dehydration,poor eating habits, environmental pollutants, digestive disorders, and a variety of other causes contribute to toxicity, inferior health, and a host of degenerative conditions. The inability of the colon to properly move fecal matter through your system on a regular basis, as well as internal blockages, lactic acid buildup, hormone imbalances, circulatory problems, and numerous other systematic bodily malfunctions are routinely shrugged off as the signs of growing old!

Cleaning your colon has been shown to positively impact overall health. In addition to receiving regular colonics, there are scores of effective alternative modalities to reduce stress, invigorate your cells, purge toxins, hydrate your skin, energize your mind, and stimulate your senses, while losing weight, improving your sense of well-being, and looking and feeling younger. Inner Spa specializes in total wellness. Our breadth of services includes:

Inner Spa built its reputation around cutting edge colon hydrotherapy services. Founded by an experienced, Pennsylvania Registered Nurse, Inner Spa was formed for the purpose of offering the general public an adjunct to conventional, western medicine through colonic irrigation. At Inner Spa, our goal is to increase the general public's awareness of the numerous benefits that colonics can provide. We believe that a well informed individual is one that will have a leading edge on maintaining a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. For this reason, we not only provide you our reputable colon hydrotherapy services, but we also aim to increase your knowledge regarding the vital functions surrounding your colon, while offering a host of alternative detoxification options for holistic wellness. Understanding Colonics
Colonic irrigation
(aka colonics, or colon hydrotherapy) is an effective way to loosen and eliminate impacted fecal matter from the the walls of the colon. Unlike enemas, colon hydrotherapy has been used to dispose of waste products from the transverse, ascending, and descending colon. Although colonic irrigation (or colonics) utilize the same principles as an enema, the ability to remove the equivalent of up to 10 bowel movements worth of fecal matter in forty minutes does not exist with an enema!Colonic irrigation is also used as a detoxification process. You don't have to be exposed to Bacillus anthracis or live near Three Mile Island to have a "toxic" condition. By repeated consumption of alcohol, refined sugar, animal products, as well as exposure to household chemicals and other contributing factors, a buildup can occur in the body which can result in toxicity. Colon hydrotherapy has proven extremely helpful in eliminating toxins from the body; colonic recipients regularly experience an enhanced sense of well-being and use colonic irrigation as preventative healthcare.

The Condition of Your Colon
Colon hydrotherapy (or colonic irrigation) is an alternative approach to combating the problems caused by improper nutrition, insufficient water intake, sedentary lifestyles, and the ingestion of prescription drugs, pesticides, herbicides, and more. Colon cancer is the second leading cause of death by cancer in the United States. It has been said that cleansing the colon is crucial for proper bowel function and wellness. Colonic irrigation is an efficient way of removing toxic waste matter from the body that causes the patient discomfort and, eventually, disease.

Colon Hydrotherapy | Colonic Irrigation

Men, Women, and Children Benefit From Colonics
Colonics are an effective way to detoxify - Colon hydrotherapy and colonic irrigation by licensed PA RNs help with cleansing and digestive health.

*Patients Report the Following:

  • Immediate abdominal relief Improved clarity Detoxification symptoms Increased bowel function
  • Proper elimination with lifestyle changes and nutritionally superior eating habits

*Results vary from patient to patient

Colonics and Alternative Treatments are Widely Embraced
Colon hydrotherapy
and holistic detoxification services are frequently utilized and endorsed by Hollywood stars, as well as professional athletes and everyday lay people for medical purposes (i.e. preparation for endoscopies, help with chronic constipation, and more) as well as for a generalized, enhanced sense of well-being.
Colonic irrigation by licensed colon hydrotherapist - Serving PA, NJ, DE, Philadelphia, Trenton, Princeton, and more
Inner Spa recognizes the necessity to maintain strict client confidentiality as well as the need to provide only the safest and most sterile practices. We guarantee nothing less for you, our client. Learn more about our ethics, qualifications, office set-up, high standards, and more, as detailed within our service descriptions.

We invite you to look beyond traditional Western medicine, enhance your well-being, and join the many thousands of others who have already benefited from these expanding modalities. Please join us on our journey to creating a happier, healthier, and well informed existence.

Be Well.


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