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Purity Coffee

From the first sip you’ll notice the difference!  More than the taste — how it makes you feel. People have mentioned feeling a sustained, clean energy, without the jitters and upset stomach that comes from drinking typical commercial coffees. Roasted in small batches, organic with zero contaminates, enjoy great taste and 2x the antioxidants. Good for you and oh, so good! Available in individual pods as well as bags of regular, dark and decaf beans. Choose a subscription so you’ll never run out.

dōTERRA® Ginger Digestive Drops, On Guard Protecting Throat Drops, Breathe Throat Drops

Because sometimes you need a little something. Settle your stomach, enhance your immunity, or open your nasal passages with an all-natural alternative. HINT: pop a drop for additional ‘breathability’ under your face covering.

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