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Original gifts with classic artwork such as Van Gogh, Tiffany or Audubon.  Choose from expandable vases that bring a conversational element to any room, silicone jar openers and trivets to energize meal prep, luminaries with floating candles and wine glass lamp shades for instant elegance, and more. In-store selections may vary by season.

Turtle River Soaps

Quirky names, incredible scents and artistic presentation make these soaps the perfect addition to a gift certificate. Or bundle a variety for a ‘soap of the month’ type of gift.  Appreciated by friends, but you’ll love them for yourself, too!

JJ Candles

All-natural, soy-based seasonal scents come in 4- and 8-ounce sizes for the candle aficionados in your circle. Hand poured in small batches using an all-cotton wick, you’ll find them in classic jars and other unique vessels. Check back often for new scents and offerings.

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