It’s the midpoint of the calendar year. Are you on track for those goals you set back in January?

We all do it . . . all gung-ho for a few weeks, then tapering off, then, well, stuff happens and those lofty intentions are on the back burner as if waiting for things to lighten up will give us the time to get back on track.
We know we should be more intentional. We know we want to celebrate the ‘wins.’ But we don’t always DO what we intend. We get sidetracked, interrupted, unfocused.

So how do we stay focused and on-track for our intended goals? Especially when it comes to our own well-being, we tend to put other things and people first.

Putting off your wellcare goals does no one any good. When your loved ones need you the most, you might be depleted. When emergencies arise, you are ‘foggy’ and distracted. But you power through.

Let’s flip that.

Power through your planned wellness goals so that when you are called upon, you have stamina, energy and focus.

It comes down to simply creating routines and habits that lead to consistency. For example:

Consistency in taking supplements:

Supplements can play a vital role in supporting your wellness journey. However, taking them sporadically or forgetting to incorporate them into your routine can hinder their effectiveness. Consistency ensures that your body receives the necessary nutrients predictably, helping you achieve optimal results. Set up a ‘water bar’ in your kitchen or dining area with your supplements in full view—maybe even load one of those daily med contraptions with your probiotics, enzymes, omegas and other dailies. Set an alarm on your phone. It’s time to do whatever it takes to take your supplements daily.

Consistency with your water intake:

Proper hydration is essential for your body to function. Consistent water intake is crucial as it aids digestion, regulates body temperature, and supports the proper functioning of your organs. Carry a water bottle with you throughout the day and set regularly timed reminders to drink water—or download an app for that. Gradually increase your intake, aiming to drink half your body weight in ounces each day to experience improved energy levels, clearer skin, and overall well-being.

Consistency with self-care appointments:

Your wellcare is essential. Regularly spaced massages, colonics, health coaching sessions, and chiropractic care help you stay on track for what your body needs. Daily self-care practices like meditation, journaling and time outdoors need to actually happen daily for the best benefit. Add your well-being to your calendar on ‘repeat.’ And for those bi-weekly or monthly appointments, be sure to schedule a few in advance to get the day and time that works best for you.

A few more tips to support to your consistency:

  • Be realistic in your goals
  • Track your progress for that satisfaction boost
  • Connect with an accountability partner
  • Celebrate the milestones. Rewards DO keep you motivated.