HOPE. The word hope conjures so many connotations.

Sometimes it feels like hope is lost or just out of reach. Sometimes we are full of hope and anticipation. We all hope for different things, but a common one is to live a long, vibrant life. Webster defines hope as “desire accompanied by expectation.” That’s what I’d like to focus on today—expectations that meet your desire to live that life well.

In running a business, one of my roles is to manage expectations–those of clients, staff, vendors and colleagues. I am fully aware that we all fall short at times. But in my wellness journey and my business-owner journey, there are people who consistently surpass my expectations.

One such colleague is Brenda Watson, a respected pioneer in the gut-health field, always finding new and better ways to encourage people to live in wellness. In her upcoming PBS Special, Gut Check: Hope for Ultimate Health, Brenda shares valuable information about gut health and how we can optimize our overall wellness daily.
Find her podcast:
Gut Check: Hope for Ultimate Health with Brenda Watson
On WABE (paid). and on PBS (paid)

Yes, she is promoting our Vital Pro line of supplements. But there is so much more you’ll be glad to know. Learn how to transform your health, decrease your biological age and live a vital lifestyle from Brenda Watson, “The Diva of Digestion.” Throughout her career, she has communicated a message of H.O.P.E. (High-Fiber, Omega 3s, Probiotics, Enzymes) helping people make simple, accessible changes to improve metabolic health and decrease the risk of chronic disease.

And it’s an easy watch! Brenda’s energy (vitality) and knowledge combine for a viewing experience that’s entertaining and informative. Tune in to discover what your body needs to function optimally and how to get it through your diet and supplements. Learn how your body uses these nutrients and what happens when you are even slightly deficient.

I encourage you to tune in, as will my staff and I, to be up-to-date on the latest gut health knowledge and how to incorporate Brenda’s four H.O.P.E. pillars into your daily habits. Then I invite you to schedule a Health Coaching session at Inner Spa. Together we’ll create a customized strategy to guide you toward a vibrant lifestyle.

  • H: High Fiber=Vital Pro Naturals™ Advanced Fiber
  • O: Omega 3=Vital Pro Naturals™ Omega 3
  • P: Probiotics=Vital Pro Naturals™ Probiotics available in 4 targeted formulations: Ultra Daily, Men’s Daily, Women’s Daily, and Women’s 55+ Daily
  •  E: Enzymes=Vital Pro Naturals™ Digestive Enzymes

Vital Pro Naturals™ HOPE items are available at Inner Spa individually or as a specially priced bundle of 4 (one of each.) Call ahead and we’ll have it ready for quick pickup.