Happy Mother’s Day!

Whatever your mom title – mother, grandmother, aunt, godmother, sister, friend, stepmother (personally, I like the term bonus mom or second mom better!), someone who is like a mother – I honor you and thank you for all you do!  In these uncertain times, Mom seems like the most comforting word, so I hope your day was comforted and blessed.

Mother’s Day is always a time to gather with the kids and family members to celebrate.  Although we gathered this year, we did so via zoom, which seems to be the new normal for connecting with loved ones.  Don’t get me wrong, it was great to see those I love, and laugh as we played games together, but I missed my hugs and the healing that fills my heart when any of our children touch me.  I take comfort in knowing that we love each other, and even though we are apart we are together.  Thank you, Zoom, for making it possible to stay connected.  Who would have thought the technology we saw on television shows like the original Star Trek would become our way of life…

Exploring a new frontier

Just like the crew on the Starship Enterprise, we are exploring a whole new frontier.  If today’s world was a new television show, the introduction might be something like this:

Planet earth 2020: the new frontier.  These are the days of our new reality.  Our five-month mission: to explore our strange new world.  To seek out a new normal and new ways to live without fear.  To boldly go where no person has gone before!

For weeks now, our country has been shutdown and immobilized.  People have sheltered in place and become fearful of simple things that once offered healing and hope.  Sports have ceased.  Entertainment and cultural events have come to a grinding halt.  Simple things like shopping, dining out, or getting personal services are non-existent.  Our mindset has been altered dramatically, and our surety for life seems unclear.

Uncertain times bring on many different emotions for people.  In fact, some experience a roller coaster of emotions – up one day and down the next.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve talked with several people whose emotions are up and down several times a day; my heart goes out to them because I can only imagine.  Honestly, my emotions have been just a little bouncy the last week, but when I stop and think about it, I believe the bounciness stems from my own self-care practices and sticking to them.

Surviving vs. thriving

Fear is a natural response to certain situations.  It is an uncontrollable reaction when the body thinks it is being threatened.  For example:  when we listen to the news, the ears hear the fear that is being promoted in the media, and with the hearing, your brain processes the information in order to send the body whatever messages it needs to; these can be positive or negative.  The more negative messages, the more fearful the body becomes.  The more fearful, the more stress.  The more stress…well, you get the picture. While you cannot stop fearful responses, you can control the length of time the response lasts.  The more you let go of your fears, the more your body thrives rather than just survives.

Thriving is living.  Your body is relaxed and in balance rather than reacting and survival.  The mind/body/spirit connection is real, and when it’s balanced, the body can thrive and function optimally.

Self-care tips to thriving beyond fear

I believe there are some simple things you can do each day to ensure that your mind/body/spirit connection is strong and helping you to live a life that is thriving.

Begin each day with gratitude.  Be thankful for what you have, big and small.  Gratitude raises your positivity quotient and increases your energy.

Drink water.  The body needs water to survive.  My suggestion is to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces every day.  Not a water fan?  Try adding lemon, mint or cucumber to your water for a little natural flavor.

Choose healthy foods.  Whole foods are always best; homegrown is amazing!  Try to stay away from processed foods and refine sugars.  Remember, food is fuel for your body, so what you put in is important.

Connect with others.  Be intentional about connecting.  Write a note or card to someone you love and tell them how grateful you are they are in your life.  Schedule a tele-tea or coffee via Zoom and catch up with a friend.  Whatever feels right for you, be intentional.

Read positive books.  Positivity is a great way to increase your vibration and healing.  Look for positive book lists.  Ask others for recommendations.  Join a book club.  There are so many ways to bring positivity into your life.  [Shameless plug alert:  Check out the new best seller The Gift of Loss: Transforming Tragedy.  It appears on the May top 10 list of inspiring books at Aspiremag.net.]

Take a walk Movement is important to any self-care routine.  Get outside and walk in nature; it’s one of the best ways to improve your energy.  The sun gives vitamin D and the walking gets your body moving.  It’s also a way to be grateful for all that surrounds us every day.

Disconnect from electronics.  Set boundaries for the amount of time you are on devices and apps.  Limit the amount of time you spend in front of the television.  Think about what you’re watching.  It’s not just the foods we put into our bodies that matter.

Start journaling.  This is a wonderful way to work through your feelings, keep track of your daily life, or remember special times and people!  Journaling is a time-honored practice that can be helpful on many levels, especially during uncertain times.

Be still.  So many people think they have to be like the energizer bunny – always going.  Just being allows the body to heal.  Be still.  Let your mind slow.  Allow yourself to connect to something bigger than yourself.

Get to bed.  The human body needs 7-8 hours of sleep each night to rejuvenate.  If you think otherwise, sorry that’s not what the research says.

Staying positive, no matter what the time, is a key way to live your most vibrant life every day.  My goal in sharing inner thoughts is to support you on your self-care journey.  I’d love to hear your feedback and how you’re doing.  Until next time, my hope is for you to stay positive, safe and well…