With summer vacation season just around the corner, where are you in the planning process?

Whether you join other families at the beach for a week or load your kids into the SUV for a road-trip or book a couples getaway to Europe, you’ve got some planning to do.  How to get there, what to do and see, booking tours, etc – so many decisions!

Remember to build in some time for, well, vacation. Isn’t the main point of a vacation to relax, unwind and escape the stresses of everyday life? While making plans to see and do and eat . . . schedule some down-time. Time for yourself . . .  time with your special someone . . . time with your family.

Your vacation time is also an excellent opportunity to focus on wellness and prioritize self-care. Set the example for your children, friends and loved ones, showing them that quiet time for reflection is valuable. Be sure to ‘pack’ in some time to actually rest and recharge. Things as simple as a planned naptime, reading or enjoying the natural beauty of your surroundings are revitalizing.

Here are some self-care opportunities that will surely fit into your current vacation plans:

Set wellness goals: Before leaving for your vacation, take some time to set wellness goals for yourself. This might include daily meditation, trying a new physical activity or planning snacks and meals (i.e.: researching restaurants) in keeping with your wellness intentions. By setting clear goals and setting aside time, you will prioritize your well-being during your trip.

Research local wellness activities: In the days leading up to your vacation, research the local area to find out what wellness activities are available. This might include hiking trails, spa treatments, or meditation classes. (Sending your kids to an art class while you enjoy a facial—heavenly.) By planning ahead, you can ensure that you have the resources (what to pack, extra cash, reservations) you need to prioritize your well-being.

Pack for wellness: As you pack those suitcases, be sure to include items that will support your wellness goals. This might include workout clothes, a yoga mat, a meditation app, or healthy snacks. By having your own familiar items with you, you will be better equipped—and more likely—to maintain your wellness routine while away from home. Make sure to pack your daily supplements, too!


A colleague who travels regularly schedules a massage appointment for the afternoon or evening of her arrival so she begins her trip rejuvenated. She says it sets the tone for the rest of her stay. Another asks the hotel to stock her room with specific snack items to be there upon check-in, avoiding the stress of choosing refreshments from the overwhelming (tempting) selection at the gift shop. I’ve even known one who sent herself a fruit basket via the local florist—yes, it was delivered to the hotel’s front desk and the bell person took it up to her room. Smoothies all week! (She travels with a personal blender.)

A bit of pre-planning and some creativity will go a long way toward a truly refreshing vacation. By including wellness, self-care and down-time into your plans, you can return home feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to take on whatever challenges life will, inevitably, throw your way.

Oh, and one more hint. BEFORE you leave for your trip, schedule your Inner Spa service for just after your return to extend that ‘vacay’ feeling just a little longer. 😉