It’s February already! Wow! How did that happen?

The time just gets away from us. If you are like many ambitious people, you’ve set a few goals for the year. But have you started anything? Again, like most people, the answer is a sheepish ‘Well, not really.’

Hey, let’s not get all down on ourselves for the lag time; let’s not wait until some other arbitrary date on a calendar to start something fresh and new. How about now–today?

In broad strokes, we all pretty much plan to do some version of taking better care of ourselves. Whether as specific as ‘get my blood pressure down to 110/70’ or as vague as ‘eat better,’ we all have something in mind we could improve upon in our daily lives.
So do one thing. Yes, just one step toward your ‘feel better’ goal. Book a massage. Buy your probiotics. Insert recurring time in your calendar for your workout, your meditation, your ‘me’ time. Do one piece today.

It’s the planning, the time in your day, the hesitation to commit or the excuse of ‘it’s not a good time right now.’ But how great will you feel once you’ve accomplished that one step? Go for it!

Here is a list of ‘ONE THINGS’ you can schedule right here at Inner Spa. Let’s catch up!

  • Schedule a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) evaluation to learn just how well your body is handling the inevitable stress of life.
  • Allow us to show you how to utilize the BrainTap headset and recorded sessions to sharpen your memory, deal with stressors, or to learn to relax.
  • Set yourself up for monthly spa services. You could do a series of massage or Reiki or try a different spa service each time.
  • Ask to sit down with our health coach to go over your wellcare needs for suggestions on supplements, services and self-care practices.

And a few more ‘One Things’:

  • Plan a spring/summer getaway weekend. It is so uplifting, during these winter months, to look forward to something fun. Whether a nature hike on a Saturday afternoon with friends or a romantic getaway with a beautiful sunset, the anticipation is a large part of the benefit.
  • Bring a touch of nature inside—pick up a bouquet of your favorite flowers and place them where you’ll enjoy them most. That very well may be your desk—there is no rule that they have to be in the foyer or dining room table.
  • Stop for a Pure Green smoothie on your way home or on your way here. Healthful, filling, refreshing, and easy–lunch on the go! Note: find additional local businesses on our Agasar Connect app with special offers just for our clients. (search Agasar Connect in your app store)

One thing is for sure: The most worthwhile journeys begin with the first step. (paraphrasing here 😊) So just take one step toward your self-care goal today.